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The Roadmap

The projects below are a sample of what you will create on your developer journey. Each project is designed to exercise your coding abilities so that you can master the art of coding.

bill gates.webp


The Bill Gates Curse

"You must spend all of Bill Gates' money before you die or suffer the eternal consequences!"

How much would you have to spend everyday to exhaust his net worth? 

Click "Run" on the app below and enter your age to find out!



The Engineering Flowchart

The eternal question that befuddles all engineers. 


Should you use WD-40 or duct tape? 


Create this app for your engineering friends and they will be forever grateful!

Partying with Friends


The Shopping List

Oh no! You just came back from the market when you realized you forgot the ice cream.

Build a webpage that tracks your grocery list. This handy app will make forgetting items a problem of the past!



The Superhero Book

Batman collected notes on the most powerful individuals in the universe, in case any of them became an active threat. 

Create this app and write your own notes to protect yourself from dangerous superheroes!

Moonlit Fortress


The Haunted Mansion

Walking down a strange road, your dog Romeo gets startled and runs into a creepy old house. 

Your mission is to retrieve your dog and escape before the house traps you forever!

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