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Warning: A Talent Drought Ahead in the Tech Industry

Much like a city's underground pipelines that remain out of sight yet critical, there lies an unaddressed issue in the tech industry that's gradually surfacing. We all acknowledge technology as the backbone of our modern world, and just as we need plumbers to ensure the smooth functioning of our city's infrastructure, we need coders to manage our digital needs. But there's an undeniable problem that's growing more prominent by the day.


The tech industry is aging, and the flow of fresh talent into the field is slowing down. Companies, eyeing immediate results and efficiency, often hesitate to invest in entry-level developers, deeming them slow and expensive to train. But this perspective risks drying up the talent pool, leading to a long-term skills deficit that could hamper our technological progress.


Here at Popcorn Robot, we've made it our mission to address this issue head-on. By giving new coders a chance, we aim to revitalize the industry and ensure a steady flow of talent. We're working on a model that benefits everyone - a model that's profitable for companies, provides real-world experience for entry-level developers, and delivers high-quality software for customers.


Additionally, we're tackling the outdated educational models by making technical skills more accessible. We're releasing coding lessons and training material for free, enabling everyone to upgrade their skills and adapt to the modern world. We believe that by equipping people with tech skills, we're giving them the tools to succeed in today's digital age.


Join us as we embark on this journey to reshape the tech industry, making it more inclusive, sustainable, and forward-looking. Together, we can ensure the continuous evolution of our digital world, paving the way for a future where everyone can participate and contribute.

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