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Popcorn Robot University

Demolishing roadblocks, one class at a time.

* Disclaimer: We've changed the names and tiny details, but these are real stories of real people.


"Robert" was making good progress when his project suddenly stopped working. He searched everywhere, he couldn't figure out the problem.

Robert unknowingly moved critical files to the wrong folder.

Either you see it or you don't.

The only other way to solve this problem is to rebuild the project from scratch. Having a mentor, saved Robert from days of excruciating pain.  

Even when the path is clear, unexpected roadblocks come up everyday. A mentor keeps you moving forward on the road. 


Who is this for?

  1. Has no coding experience

  2. Wants one-on-one access to mentors

  3. Wants a structured course

  4. Wants to have classes and be part of a community

  5. Wants to reach highest potential

  6. Wants fastest results

What you get:

  1. Everything in Coder’s Handbook and Last Mile Program

  2. One to three classes per week

  3. Industry professional interviews

  4. Targeted training to individual student

  5. Student evaluations

  6. Mock interview practice.

  7. Portfolio team projects

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