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Write your own code.
Write your own reality.


New outlook. New Year. New career.

Every day you are forced to go to a stressful job you hate. You look for something better, but can’t find the job you want.


You feel stupid for staying and stupid for leaving. What you know for sure is…


You are stuck. 


And you need a boost.

Put yourself in your employer’s shoes…

Imagine you needed a new marketer. You whittle down the list to the two best candidates.


Who would you hire? 


  1. A marketer with 15 years of experience.

  2. A marketer with 3 year experience, but she can code.


The choice is obvious.


Programming is as close to a superpower as it is possible to be without wearing a cape. That's why it is in-demand from all industries.


It is the single most important skill in the world today. 


My name is AJ and I am a UCLA instructor.


I teach coding at the highest levels of education. 


Here’s what I learned:

Swift. React. Java. Python…


New coders struggle to see how anyone can learn all of this stuff. 


I’m going to tell you a secret that even most senior developers don’t know.  


You don’t. 


Chasing your tail trying to keep up with the latest fad is fruitless. You don’t need to know all the frameworks, you need to know just one skill.


Consultants do this all the time. When a client asks a consultant if they know technology X, they say “No” then have the audacity to bill $300 an hour for their “expertise”. 


How is this possible? 


Because employers know that this skill unlocks all the doors of the programming world. And companies are willing to pay handsomely for it.

Working on a Computer

Learn how to code everything

Yes, you can learn to code anything. It sounds unreal, but this superhuman ability is achieved by coders everyday. 


It doesn’t matter your coding ability or background, anyone can learn to do it.

Imagine being able to:


  • Build any video games you can imagine.

  • Make $10k a month remotely as a freelancer. 

  • Create your own app without any cash.


The options are limitless. 


At Popcorn Robot, we teach you the tricks consultants use to code everything.  

We are so certain of our results that we offer a one-month guarantee. If on your first month, you feel this course is not everything we promised, then you can get a 100% refund no questions asked. 

You have a choice.


You can ride out a miserable career for the rest of your days or make a change today. The only thing that matters is now. Are you going to continue being a passenger in life and work at a job you hate? Or take the reins and fight for a life worth living? 

What our students say

"Even after just one class, this is the quickest I ever picked up the basics."

This is the first time I've been able to tell companies what I want. I ask for an outlandish salary and they actually give it to me."


"I took Udemy courses, but I wasn’t able to take it into the real world. I had some questions, but nobody was able to give me answers. Just google it and find out. Sometimes it works and you can find it out. But the best way is to be able to have someone to ask and hear how they solved the problem." 

"Taking your class has not only improved my problem solving and critical thinking skills, but it's definitely leveled up my career in ways that I couldn't have imagined. "

"Never felt so smart in my life!!! This is like the best $550 I have ever spent! Beats my designer handbags lol!"

"Just wanted to say that the lesson plan is by far the best I've seen. Not only is it approachable and has you coding out of the gate, but also leaves room for creative problem solving."

 “With your lessons, you get to practice what you are using. With documentation, they just tell you what the tool is, but you don’t know what tool does. So it’s hard to know which one you need.”

"I’m glad I met you. Coding is a long journey. I really appreciate you created this school and created this atmosphere. You have to learn things right and it takes time."

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