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Come one! Come all!
Let the WordleAI Tournament commence!

Popcorn Robot family, we invite you to join our AI tournament. Compete against other WordleAI bots in a tournament bracket competition. 

Due date: Submit your bot by Sunday, April 2nd at 12pm.

Tournament: The tournament will consist of 5 regular season days where everyone's bot will play each other from Monday, April 3rd to Friday April 7th

We will use the results to seed rankings and play our final tournament on Saturday, April 8th at 2pm.


If you never played Wordle, give it a quick play.

Your goal is to create a WordleAI bot that can guess a 5 letter word. 


Getting started:

  1. Create an account on 

  2. Click the link below:

  3. Fork the workspace.

How it works:

Open the file Your code will go in the run() function.

print_all = True


def run(data, word_list):

  return 'trust'

This is your AI. Whatever you return is your guess. The code above guesses “trust” on every turn. 


print_all is a boolean variable. If you want to see all the messages, set it to True.


run() has 2 arguments, data and word_list.

  • The data argument is a summary of the guesses for the current word.

    The status codes are:
    2 - (Green) correct letter in correct place

    1 - (Yellow) letter in word but wrong place
    0 - (Gray) letter not in word

    ​​​​For example:
    If the answer is “COAST” but you guessed “DETER” and “BRAIN”, your argument will look like this:

    data = [
         {"word": "deter", "status": "00100"}


  • The word_list argument is the word bank we are drawing the answers from in the game.

When do we work on it:

We want you to get in the habit of coding out of class.


That's why we expect you to do the bulk of work on your free time.

The first 30 minutes of class, however, will be dedicated to helping you with Wordle questions. The rest of class should be dedicated to working on the lessons.

How points work:

More information to come...

Submitting your WordleAI bot:

More information to come...

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