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The Last Mile Program

Flipping the script - Turning job interviews from interrogation to conversation

* Disclaimer: We've changed the names and tiny details, but these are real stories of real people.


Last time "Connie" applied for jobs, she was stressed out. This time was different. She came with a secret weapon.

Like a hunter waiting for her prey, she sat through the questions until she sprung her trap. 

“May I say something... I can code.

She showed her portfolio and absorbed all the energy in the room. The hunter has just become the hunted. By the end of the week, the company got into a bidding war just to keep her interested.

The Last Mile Program is the final stage in Popcorn Robot University. It is open to coders who already went to school, but are having a tough time getting a job.


This is the system our students use to distinguish themselves from the crowd. We equip you with an arsenal of weapons to turn the tables against employers.

“This is fun.” Connie smiled with an evil grin. 


Who is this for?

  1. Experienced coders

  2. Attended another school or bootcamp

  3. Needs help building a strong portfolio, resume, or cover letter

  4. Applying to jobs

What you get:

  1. Three classes per week

  2. Industry professional interviews

  3. Targeted training to individual student

  4. Student evaluations

  5. Mock interview practice.

  6. Portfolio team projects

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