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The Coder’s Handbook

One place, not all over the place

* Disclaimer: We've changed the names and tiny details, but these are real stories of real people.

7 years ago, "John" wanted to become a coder in college. But he couldn’t pass his algorithms class. 

Never passionate about his job, coding always itched in the back of his head. He had a lot of coder friends and even a university professor, so he thought he could learn it on his own.

Then reality hit hard. 


After years of studying, he could not build anything. Jumping from friend to friend, resource to resource, he spent most of his time chasing his tail.

Today, he is creating games. This is because he is using a hands-on system that develops his abilities from beginning to end. He is no longer confused because each exercise builds on the last.

The Coder’s Handbook is the textbook material we use in Popcorn Robot University. Each exercise is carefully laid out so new coders can build their ability one step at a time.


Who is this for?

  1. New coders who prefer to learn alone

  2. Wants hands-on assignments that train coding abilities

  3. Needs direction but does not struggle with solving coding problems

What you get:

  1. Textbook material

  2. Lessons with hands-on assignments

  3. Access to community Discord server 

If you struggle to stay disciplined and want a more hand-held approach, then Popcorn Robot University might be a better choice for you.
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