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Tips on finding your specialization

Reading a few posts, I see some people don't have a focus when learning programming (e.g. "I want to do apps, websites, and video games"). That's a mistake.

Programming is a big world and focusing your efforts is the only way to get to your destination. If you spend your time spread over 10 technologies, you'll just be chasing your tail. Here's a tip on how to find your specialization, work backwards and search for jobs first.

  1. What's your salary requirement? Think of a number that you'll be happy to make. The more reasonable you are, the more options you have.

  2. Go to Indeed and search the ideas you are considering. If you are debating between doing Ruby on Rails vs React, search both.

  3. Compare salary + number of job postings.

    1. Eliminate any technology that doesn't meet your salary requirements.

    2. All things being equal, the technology with the most job postings are the easiest to get a job in. Note: The only time I would go against this rule is if I was an expert in a high paying niche market. In this case, it benefits to have a small market with less competitors.

  4. Find your top pick then focus!

Good luck and hope that helps. If you have any other issues, let me know how I can help!

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