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How coding works for beginners

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Coding can be hard to conceptualize, so let's take a detour into the future...

Introducing the Chef-o-matic 4000

It’s hard cooking after an exhausting day at work. The Chef-o-matic 4000 creates healthy homemade meals for your family. Save your time-off for your family, not cooking.

How it works

Type in the recipe name and the robot will do the rest of the work.

Adding new dishes

Download and install CookShop onto your computer. Type in instructions like this:

  • Open refrigerator door.

  • Pull eggs out of refrigerator.

  • Crack open eggs into bowl x 4.

  • Add salt and pepper

  • Hold spatula

  • So on so forth...

Back to the present...

When computers first started, they were just command prompts.

Similar to the Chef-o-matic 4000, we use the command prompt to select which “recipe” to run. In computer speak, it’s called “executing commands”. But instead of cooking dishes, computers run code. Code, like a recipe, is a list of instructions. And just like how we use CookShop to edit recipes or Microsoft Word to edit documents, we use IDEs to edit code.

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