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The Hidden Dangers of an Aging E-Commerce Platform

Our client found themselves in a predicament.

They were working so hard on day-to-day operations that they didn't notice their once-cutting-edge website had become outdated and non-mobile-friendly. 


To make matters worse, the rapid evolution of technology meant that updating their site would be a delicate process. The risk of severe downtime during the upgrade was a serious concern.

Here's our story of how we steered our client through this major platform upgrade that reduced their workload and drove a stunning 17% increase in sales.


A Client's Struggle


Outdated Theme

In the aesthetic industry, appearances are everything. Our client's outdated website theme was failing to reflect the beauty and professionalism at the core of their brand


Complicated Registration

A cumbersome registration process discouraged potential customers, leading to high abandonment rates and fewer conversions.


Not Mobile-Friendly

With over 60% of sales made on mobile devices, a non-mobile-friendly site meant missed opportunities and lost revenue.


Disorganized Customer Groups

Without clear customer group organization and business rules, the company struggled to provide personalized experiences and efficient service.

Power of Transformation

Witness the remarkable transformation of our client's e-commerce platform. By updating their website and streamlining their processes, we not only enhanced their online presence but also significantly boosted their sales and efficiency.

Revitalizing E-Commerce Through Innovation and Automation

Our team embraced the challenge head-on. 


We began by updating the theme to ensure a mobile-friendly experience that would captivate their target audience. However, we quickly realized that the site's outdated structure caused significant frustration and manual labor for our client's team.


By creating distinct customer groups, we automated a lot of their workload that offered tailored experiences for their unique customers. 

The impact of the upgraded server was immediate. With a revitalized e-commerce platform, our client witnessed a remarkable 17% surge in sales over the following year. The automated customer management freed up valuable time and resources, allowing their team to focus on growth and innovation.

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