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Kizo Lab

In a Race Against Time

Everything was ready.

The marketing was complete, and the product was packaged and ready for shipping, but their website was riddled with bugs and far from finished.

Our client, a promising men's skincare company, found themselves in a challenging situation. With a fast-approaching July deadline, a delay in the launch would have far-reaching consequences for their business.


They needed expert assistance to bring their vision to life—a reliable partner who could navigate the complexities of their unique e-commerce requirements and deliver a polished, fully functional website on schedule.


A Client's Struggle


Tight Deadline

The client's July deadline was looming, and they needed a team that could work efficiently to meet this critical target.


Malfunctioning Affiliate Marketing

The client's affiliate marketing program wasn't operating as intended. They required a setup that had a unique affiliate compensation that couldn't be solved through off-the-shelf products.


Incomplete Subscription Program

The client envisioned a unique subscription program to draw in new customers. This feature was essential to their business model but had yet to be implemented.


Blog and Theme Troubles

The client's blog was not functioning properly but they couldn't understand why. There was an underlying problem in their website theme that required immediate attention.

Launching Success Through Expertise and Efficiency

Our team at Popcorn Robot understood the urgency of the situation. The deadline is in July. We have 30 days to complete the site. We mobilized our resources to tackle the challenges head-on.

By leveraging our deep knowledge of e-commerce platforms, we efficiently addressed each of the client's unique requirements. From implementing a robust subscription program to overhauling the affiliate marketing program, we laid the foundation for a thriving referral network.


Through our agile approach and innovative problem-solving, we successfully launched the client's website on schedule, empowering them to proceed with their marketing initiatives as planned.


Our ability to deliver under pressure demonstrated our reliability as a partner and showcased our commitment to our client's success in the competitive aesthetic industry.

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